Career and Professional Development










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Career and Professional Development

Scholars have access to our program Career and Professional Development Specialist who can assistance with the following:
  • Administer personality and interest inventories
  • Advise students about what courses and educational programs they need for particular careers and future educational goals.
  • Evaluate students educational and employment backgrounds in order to help them meet their goals.

We also provide opportunites for scholars to develop their professional and leadership skills with (but not limited to):

  • Workshops on leadership development
  • Conference trips to graduate student forums
  • Training seminars
  • Cover letter/Resume building
  • Networking opportunities
  • And opportunites provided by other programs on campus

We highly encourage all scholars to keep up with the DARTS calender and look for opportunities that they may be interested in.


To schedule an appointment with our DARTS Career Specialist, Jesse Betancourt, click the link here