Meet our Team Leads

DARTS Team Leads


Jessica Valencia

Lead Fellow


Jessica is a first generation college student and third year transfer.  She obtained both her associates of science in biology and chemistry at Hartnell Community College before transferring in the fall of 2015.  In the spring of 2017 she will be graduating with her B.S. in Biological Sciences with an emphasis on Molecular & Cell Biology.  Her hope is to continue on to medical school and become an OB-GYN with a sub-specialty in Maternal Fetal Medicine.  In her spare time Jessica enjoys volunteering at the local hospital and spending time with her family.

Akkeya Joyner

Lead Events Fellow


Akkeya Joyner is your local fellow here at the DARTS program. She is a cognitive science major planning to journey to become a psychiatrist or a neurologist, if she choose to push it. She's chill. There is not much to detail but that she is someone who loves to be mellow due to the fact that we are stressful students 24/7. There is a tendency that she relates to everyone as though we have something in common but there is a limit. Don’t step out of line because she has an extra pair of NIKE socks and you and her can catch that one-on-one game real quick. First game to 13!

Dewey Tran

Lead Peer Instructor


Dewey is a Psychology transfer student from the Monterey Bay and is trying to attain his PhD in Clinical Psychology. He previously attended San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, and UC Riverside and spent 2 years off of school working as a personal trainer. In DARTS, he is a member of the Outreach and Events, Peer Instructor, Academic Support, and Operations Team. Outside of DARTS, he is President and Founder of the UC Merced Yoga Club, a member of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society for Psychology, and works in 2 Psychology Labs. He is also in charge of the DARTS website, so everything you read here is typed by him. Like this right now, and the other bios. And events. It's all me

Kimberly Rodriguez

Lead Academic Support Fellow


Kim is a fourth year Earth System Science Major. After getting her degree she wants to get into enviromental policy so that she could help save the world from big, bad oil companies. 


Adrian Evangelista

Returning Team Lead Fellow


Adrian is a Biological Sciences major with Human emphasis. In DARTS, He is Returning Team Lead and a Peer Instructor and Academic Support Fellow. He plans on getting a career as a Nuclear Medicine Technician after UC Merced. Outside of DARTS and school, he likes working out at the gym, biking around Merced, and playing RPG video games, and League of Legends. One of the things on his bucket list is to travel around the world. He is a pretty relaxed person, and enjoys making new friends. He makes a lot of bad puns as well.


Alondra Zambrano

Operations Lead Fellow


Alondra Zambrano is pursuing a major in Human Biology with a minor in psychology. Outside of Darts, she is the president of United Pancreas (UP). She co-founded UP, the UCM chapter of the College Diabetes Network. In her spare time, she likes to do events and activities in her club revolving around Type 1 Diabetes to promote the mission behind CDN. She plans on getting a Masters in Diabetes Nursing and hope to work with kids who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes.