Meet our Team Leads

DARTS Team Leads


Alondra Zambrano

Lead of Lead Fellows


Alondra Zambrano is pursuing a major in Human Biology with a minor in Psychology. Outside of DARTS, she is the president of United Pancreas (UP). She co-founded UP, the UCM chapter of the College Diabetes Network. In her spare time, she likes to do events and activities in her club revolving around Type 1 Diabetes to promote the mission behind CDN. She plans on getting a Masters in Diabetes Nursing and hope to work with kids who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes.

Viviana Martinez

Lead Peer Instructor Fellow


Viviana is a traditional fourth year Pre-Med Psychology major, Cognitive Science Minor student. She hopes to pursue a career in Psychiatry. Outside of DARTS, she is a part of Psi Chi Honor Society, Health Psychology Research Lab, AMSA, and a ED volunteer for Mercy Medical Hospital. She is excited to meet all DARTS Scholars!!

Socorro Cardoso

Academic Support Lead Fellow


Socorro Cardoso is a third year Biological Science Major with an emphasis on Ecology and Evaluation. She is a part of the Academic Support team and a Peer Instructor for the Transfer USTU-10 class. She is excited to help DARTS scholars transition from their current situation to UC Merced. She likes doing community service events in Merced with her organization and the CRS class. She plans to go to Veterinary school to become a Vet.

Christopher Ingle

Returning Team Lead Fellow


Chris is from Merced, but lives in Winton. He is a transfer student from Merced College with an AAT in English. He is an English Major, GASP Minor. His hobbies include archery, video games, and local theater. His goal is to eventually become a High School English and Theater teacher.


Danya Dominguez

Operations Lead Fellow


Danya was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and grew up in Modesto, California. She is a first generation college student and transfer from Modesto Junior College where she received her Associate of Arts degree in Music. She now majors in Psychology and hopes to one day become a behavioral health clinician or music therapist. Her hobbies include reading, curating her Netflix watch list (but never watching anything on it), playing guitar, and listening to music. Fun fact: she has an identical twin sister and they are both lefties.

Christine Pedersen

Book Loan & Lending Library Lead Fellow

Christine Pedersen is a traditional fourth year student majoring in Bioengineering. She is involved on campus with Delta Gamma sorority, RadioBio Podcast, Society of Women Engineers Club, and lab research. She is from Fairfield, California and loves to work out, adventure, and eat. Her goal after she graduates is to apply for grad school to continue in Bioengineering and travel around the world!